Authentic Italian pizza, right from your own BBQ!

Everyone would like to make a pizza on their own charcoal kettle or gas barbecue! However, traditional kettle and gas barbecues are not suited for making pizza's. For pizza baking, you need a very high and consistent temperature. This is nearly impossible with a traditional charcoal kettle or gas barbecue because the lid will be opened and closed frequently, which leads to a strong decrease in temperature. This results in an burned pizza crust and half-baked toppings.

Watch the video below or read further to learn how it works.


Our products:

We have solved this problem by designing 2 stainless steel pizza oven products both for charcoal – and gas barbecues.

For charcoal barbecues we have designed a stainless steel Grill & Pizza Ring to be placed between the kettle grill and kettle lid to create a wood oven. The adjustable Grill- & Pizza Ring is suitable for BOTH 47 cm (18 inch) and 57 cm (22 inch) round kettle barbecues from Weber and many other brands.

The Grill-& Pizza Ring includes a laser-cut stainless steel ring, a high temperature thermometer and stainless steel mounting parts. The Grill-& Pizza Ring can be easily assembled without any tools. The Grill- & Pizza Ring Deluxe includes two hardwood handles to easily and safely remove the pizza ring, even at very high temperatures.

For gas barbecues we have designed a stainless steel Gas BBQ Pizza Oven to be placed on the gas barbecue grill surface to create a wood oven. The Gas BBQ Pizza Oven requires a gas grill with a grilling surface of at least 59 cm (23 inch) wide x 42 cm (16,5 inch) deep.

The Gas BBQ Pizza Oven includes a laser-cut stainless steel sleeve and a high temperature thermometer. The Gas BBQ Pizza Oven requires no assembly.

Both products have a front opening for easy access to the oven.

Heat rises and circulates from the back and sides of the oven through the top of the oven to the opening in the front. This creates a steady heat circulation which ensures the right baking temperature, particularly at the top of the pizza. This results in perfectly baked pizza crust and toppings.

Both pizza ovens allow you to easily reach temperatures of 350 C (750 F) and up.

Your pizza will be ready in 3 to 4 minutes!

Both products create a baking oven, which does not need to be opened to take the pizza in or out of the oven. The temperature remains steady  to bake perfect pizza's.

To reach high temperatures of 350° and up, and to create an authentic smoky flavour, we recommend to add two chunks of wood (see picture below) in the Grill & Pizza Ring and one small chunk of wood (kindling) in the Gas BBQ Pizza Oven.

Do not add too much wood to avoid plastic parts of you barbecue to melt!


Maximum temperature:

We have tested the products to reach temperatures between 350 °C and 450 °C using a mix of charcoal briquettes (charcoal barbecues) and wood. For gas barbecues you may add one small chunk of wood (kindling).

We have tested temperature using thermometers inside and at the opening of the pizza oven. As for the pizza stone, temperatures above 350 °C are acceptable. Do not add too much wood to prevent plastic parts of your barbecue to melt.
Customers have asked us why the pizza oven has an opening at the front which cannot be closed. The reason for this is the fact that fire needs oxygen. The goal is to create a constant temperature while the heated air rises and circulates through the top of the oven to the opening in the front. Traditional pizza ovens aren't equipped with a door either.


Use of the products:

Grill & Pizza Ring: The first step to bake a pizza in your Grill & Pizza Ring oven is to use the right fuel to fire up your barbecue. We recommend using a mix of charcoal briquettes and wood. Briquettes burn slowly and provide a steady temperature during the baking process. The right amount of charcoal briquettes (small Firestarter for 47 cm barbecues and large Firestarter for 57 cm barbecues) should create a temperature of 250 °C inside the oven which is enough for baking 2 to 3 pizza's.

We recommend however to add wood to the charcoal briquettes to reach higher temperatures and create a smoky flavour. Adding wood will allow you to reach temperatures far above 350 °C (750 F).

It is important to position most of the charcoal briquettes and wood in the back of the barbecue to let the heat rise up at the back and sides and circulate across the pizza.

Do not place (too many) briquettes or wood directly under the pizza stone to prevent your pizza crust from burning!

If your barbecue is equipped with a hinged cooking grate, we recommend to place the hinged grate upside down in the Grill & Pizza Ring. The hinged sides of the grate should face the front and back of the Grill & Pizza Ring. This allows you to easily add wood across the pizza stone in the back of the barbecue.

Adjusting air intake of your barbecue to reach the desired temperature is a matter of experimenting. We recommend to close the air vent at the bottom of your charcoal barbecue once you have reached the desired temperature.

Gas BBQ Pizza Oven: Place your Gas BBQ Pizza Oven onto grill surface. Locate your gas burners evenly under the Gas BBQ Pizza Oven. Push the Pizza Oven to rear of grill. Turn all burners to high and close the lid. If the lid of your barbecue does not close entirely because of the Pizza Oven, that is no problem.

Heat up the Gas BBQ Pizza Oven for at least 10 minutes. It is important to heat up the steel as much as possible since this heat will radiate down onto the top of the pizza.

When your Gas BBQ Pizza Oven thermometer has reached at least 250° C (500 °F), place stone on grill surface in the centre of the Pizza Oven and push it back as far as it is still convenient to slide your pizza on the stone.  

Heat up stone for another 10 minutes. Temperature on your Pizza Oven thermometer should now point 300 °C (575 °F) or higher. This is however dependent of barbecue model and weather conditions.

You are ready to bake your first pizza!

When your barbecue is equipped with 3 or more burners, you may want to turn the middle burner directly under the pizza stone to low or medium, to prevent your pizza crust to burn.

You can add wood to get that wood fired flavour of your pizza. Use only one small chunk of wood (kindling or small fist size) either directly on the grill or using a smoker box.

Prepare your pizza. Coat your pizza peel with cornflower or semolina to easily slide your pizza on the pizza stone. 

Rotate your pizza after two minutes (back to front) and after a few more minutes your pizza is done!


Buon appetito!


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